Welcome to The Fermoy academy of music and arts!

Welcome to Fermoy Academy of Music and Arts!

Launching in September 2020 our aim is to become the new home for Fermoy music lessons and art lessons.

We are beyond thrilled with the support that has come our way in our first weeks. Incredibly we have filled nearly all of our beginner guitar classes, beginner piano classes and group singing lessons. Our facebook page is also incredibly busy with comments and messages, so join in the fun!

Our “Buddy Lessons” are also hugely popular and it’s great to see so many siblings and friends learning an instrument together as a duo.

For a full list of our classes see here!

So far, we have had a healthy number of adults attending our lessons, and we’re hoping to see this number increase as we move into the Winter months so!

Our latest class to launch is Creative Kidz, which is the brainchild of Julie Buckley. The class is shaping up to be absolutely amazing and I personally can’t wait to see the group in action.

Feel free to get in contact with us