Autumn Practice Challenge launched: Fermoy Music Lessons!

We have been blown away by the effort and dedication shown by all students in the first two months of this term’s music lessons! Not only have we had over a 98% attendance record across all lessons so far, it’s also more than clear that huge work has been done in practicing at home during the week- this is what we love to see (and hear)! Thank you for keeping Fermoy music alive.

To reward this good work we are introducing a Practice Challenge across the next four weeks, with some cool prizes to sweeten the deal! Here are the ground-rules:

  1. Download the Practice Challenge Log here
  2. Each day you practice fill in the time you start and finish practice
  3. Rate how you feel and improved on a scale of 1-5 (5 being I feel great!
  4. Get a parent or guardian to quickly sign the sheet
  5. Return your log and we’ll do the rest!

Every entrant will receive a certificate showing data for their total practice time across the month, as well as their total rating! We’ll also post prize updates our social media pages here. (If you have any questions about our social media, or Fermoy music, do please get in touch.)

Overall prizes will be awarded based on consistency, honesty and how much we can hear the improvements! These prizes have the students in mind and we think they’re pretty cool.

Practice Can Be Easy

Practicing your instrument shouldn’t be a pain. Here are some top tips!

Have your instrument at the ready.

This means keeping your guitar out of your case and ready to play all week long. The time you take to unpack and set-up daily is time that could be better spent!

Have your music folder and sheet music ready

This is simple! Leave your folder on, or by your instrument daily! If your music book is on your piano stand all you have to do is sit and play!

Start simple and slow

Pick an easy goal for your practice. “I’m going to play slowly through my scales and ‘Minuet in G'”. Your creativity and interest will do the rest!

We’ll be adding more practice guides to our site soon, so keep follow us here!