Music Lessons in Fermoy: A new Home!

The Fermoy Academy of Music & Arts strives to be the new home for music lessons in Fermoy. With the number of kids, teens and adults that come through the door every week for their piano lessons, guitar lessons and singing lessons, I’d like to think we’re certainly on our way! We opened our doors in September 2020 in the most extremely uncertain times, and have been blown away by the support we’ve received by our students, their parents and the Fermoy community since. Thankfully despite Covid’s best attempts, music is still alive and well in Fermoy.

Primary School Music Lessons

We’re thrilled at the number of students who have come for music lessons with us during our first term. We’re more thrilled by the far reach the school has already developed. In total, our junior musicians come to us for music lessons in Fermoy from more than 10 different schools in the town and greater Fermoy area. From Clondulane to Castleyons, Tallow to Grange, Kilworth to Glanworth to Ballyduff and everywhere else in between, there is music! Most importantly to us, it’s music that the Fermoy Academy of Music and Arts is playing a part in guiding! We’ll be adding a “Where Our Students Come From” section to our website in the coming weeks,keep an eye out here!

Music Lessons For Teens

We are in the process of developing some new music courses to bring to Fermoy for 2021. These will run alongside our already bustling classes. Group piano classes and group guitar classes have been running wonderfully for the primary school ages, and our next step is to introduce Beginner Teens Guitar Class. The coursework and content for the class is already coming together and we’re excited to strengthen our links with local secondary schools Loreto Secondary School Fermoy, St Colmans College Fermoy and Coláiste and Chraoibhín. For students taking junior cert music and leaving cert music as a school subject we also have study notes. For a copy use the “contact us” section on our website.

Adult Music Lessons

It’s not just about younger learners! We have a growing number of adult learners attending adult music lessons. Many of these musicians range from beginners filling a life-long goal to learn a few tunes, learners returning to an instrument they regrettably dropped in their teens, and even those looking to polish up on their already advanced skills. These lessons are all taught from adult friendly materials and progress with the learner. More details for adult learners and musicians can be found here.

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Take a look at the most common phrases coming from our emails with students. (And of course parents of students!)

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